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Email Marketing for B2B

Email Marketing for B2B

Using email is still the most effective way to target and deliver a message to your prospects or clients. While the landscape of email marketing has certainly changed over time, the methodology remains simple. Deliver a focused and relevant message to a receptive recipient that will call that prospect to act.

B2B marketers have unique challenges with email marketing. B2B customers often have longer sales cycle with multiple ‘touches’ or trigger points with prospects as they move along the sales funnel .  Email lists are often smaller and more targeted so business email customers need to drive engagement from each email campaign.

Here are some of the options to consider when building a successful Email Marketing Campaign:

- Digital Footprinting: Develop campaigns to target a specific prospect based on their interaction with your website, content, sales department and marketing efforts.

- Segmenting: Use the data you receive from different groups of prospects and interests to develop a group you can target with focused messaging for that group alone.

- Drip or Nurturing Campaigns: Use Marketing Automation tools to automate follow process and touch or triggers emails that keep you in touch with prospects and clients. These campaigns can be a valuable tool when cultivating trust and relationship during the sales process.

How do you target each of your potential prospects with the right message at the right time? How do you define which messaging is going to be most effective? How do segment users, develop campaigns and automate follow up on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis?  Email Marketing is an important part of b2b marketing. It also one of the functions that can be overwhelming and time consuming for any company.

By The Numbers:

  • 81 percent of U.S. executives subscribe to industry e-mail newsletters for product information and business intelligence (Wall Street Journal).
  • 60 percent of business decision makers said Internet and e-mail are the best ways for advertisers to reach them (Jupiter Research).
  • The vast majority of responding companies (72%) rate email as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ for return on investment. – Econsultancy “Email Marketing Census 2011″ (2011)
  • 70% of email marketers say they don’t have enough staff to prove ROI. – “Compensation & Resources Study” (2010)

Campaign management is an important and growing part of the Marketing and Sales departments. Campaign management is the process of nurturing a prospect and keep a client. By defining a prospects interests, using digital intelligence,  you can then target your content with more effective messaging.

How do you target the right message at the right time to the right prospect?

B2B companies often face the unique challenge of defining specific messaging for multiple channels, products, services and prospect types. Sales cycles are longer and require a “soft touch” messaging approach to lead prospects down the sales funnel. But these messages need specific timing and focused content.

Campaign Management is the process of identifying the prospect, defining the message, developing the content and scheduling the delivery. Using Marketing Automation, CRM and Digital Footprinting tools, companies can plan and automate deep and robust nurturing campaigns. These tools, used with solid strategy are helping companies increase ROI, sales productivity, prospect engagement and revenue.

What are the attributes of good Campaign Management?

- Segmentation: Define a prospects or clients interest and behavior. Then push or pull them into a segment that allows you send message based on actual interest and not a sales initiatives or branding campaigns.

-Business Logic: Garbage in, garbage out the old saying goes. In order to target the right message based on digital behavior and interest, you need to develop business logic into your MA tools that follows a prospect down a defined sales funnel.

- Digital Footprinting: To really target your prospect with right message, you need to understand what they are interested in and to what degree they are engaged. Marketing Automation allows you to monitor and develop a profile of each prospect based on the interaction with your website, email communication, content and marketing . This is called a Digital Footprint.

- Message Targeting: Writing content for most companies is an after thought. Many times the experts in the company are left out of the marketing loop when it comes to content. Marketing teams develop messaging with a sales focus, when many prospects value information over advertising. This is especially true when the sales cycle is longer. By developing marketing content that adds value, you can raise trust and nurture the prospect.

- Scheduling: Scheduling a well times campaign series and follow based on interest and engagement is a main function of Marketing Automation.The timing of  campaign is an important part of nurturing a prospect. Frequent messaging can become unwelcome, random messaging can get lost in the shuffle, late or delayed messaging can harm trust or lose engagement.

- Analytics and Reporting: Campaign reporting, monitoring and analyzing are the only way to make true adjustments to ongoing nurturing campaigns. These reports should deliver actionable statistics that can be used by the sales team to drive revenue. Some of the stats to monitor are deliverability, open rates, website interactions, content interests, digital intelligence and should be married to your CRM records for effective follow up.

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