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B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing and Sales Automation for B2B

Businesses that cater to other businesses have unique sales and marketing challenges. Often the marketing universe is small & well understood, and the sales cycles are long & complex. Marketing teams have a hard time justifying campaign ROI and sales teams are left with data that is less than useful.

Marketing Automation helps bridge the gap between marketing and sales. It gives your marketing team the tools to laser focus messaging and content in every campaign. It provides your sales team with the digital intelligence to understand which prospects are in the sales cycle and define those prospects’ product interests.

The Interactive Marketing Team has helped companies shorten “sales to revenue” cycles and save valuable marketing budgets by optimizing Marketing Automation platforms. Our goal is to define a clear ROI model for each project. We have the expertise and strategic experience to help your company get the most out of the Marketing Automation investment.



Here is how we help:

Marketing Automation Optimization:

We have the knowledge to help your sales and marketing team select and integrate the best sales and marketing system. We will identify the right tool for cost, functionality, and fit. Not only can we identify the right system to meet your business requirements, but we’ll guide you through an efficient deployment process that gets you measurable ROI and helps protect your universe of contacts. Deployment services include best practice consulting, process definition, business logic, template development, configuration & CRM integration, testing, and launch.

Lead Management:

We help develop lead scoring, demand funnel development, lead nurturing, and Sales & Marketing consulting. It is important to understand what happens during the initial contact. It is vital to develop a process for following up in a targeted manner. We will help you create an actionable plan and business logic to manage those leads. Once they enter your funnel, we will guide the nurturing process based on your internal needs and best practices.

Campaign Development and Execution:

Often it’s hard for companies to handle day-to-day campaign management and execution. We will help you develop short-term and long-term campaign resources for a product introduction or event, or help outsource day-to-day campaign operations. We’ll provide skilled resources to execute your marketing automation campaigns in alignment with your business objectives and ROI goals.

Revenue Performance Management:

We will help marketing show its contribution to revenue & report on the ROI of each campaign. Our approach is to start by building you a set of dashboards to show actionable metrics, and then help set up your website, campaigns, and systems to properly track and report what matters.

  • CMO Dashboards that show marketing results and ROI
  • Campaign Tracking with actionable adjustments
  • Reports showing the breadth of your Demand Funnel & develop more Reliable Projections
  • Email & Campaign Metrics for analyzing effectiveness
  • Website Analytics Dashboards for monitoring overall Site Conversion and Usability

Results by the numbers: Reports:

  • B2B Business who use Marketing Automation report a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  • B2B Business who combine sales process with Marketing Automation have 417% increase in revenue.
  • A nurtured lead will make a purchase 47% larger than a non-nurtured lead.

Opportunity by the numbers:

The Fournaise Group Reports:

  • 77% of CEO’s report that top management has difficulty connecting marketing to sales, revenue, or EBIT.
  • 72% of CEO’s report marketers are asking for more budget but can rarely develop ROI models for that money.
  • 70% of CEO’s report that current internal marketing data does not relate to the P&L.

Take the time to learn about our Marketing Automation Optimization.

Get Help From Experts

The Interactive Marketing Team has extensive experience in integrating Sales and Marketing Strategies with Marketing Automation tools. If you are looking to explore how to best implement Marketing Automation for your business, let us help you. Contact us for a free consultation and to explore the opportunities available to your organization via Marketing Automation.

If you are serious about implementing a Marketing Automation Program for your business, please check out the Free Account we are offering with Loopfuse Marketing Automation Tool.


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