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Marketing Automation

What is B2B Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation uses targeted marketing programs to gather digital intelligence that propels the process of lead generation. Marketing Automation tools allow an organization to capture a digital footprint of a consumer’s action online and use that information to send tailored marketing messages in an automated lead nurturing process.

Marketing Automation Delivers True ROI

According to Eloqua, one of the lead Marketing Automation tools in the market, businesses that successfully integrate Demand Generation and Marketing Automation workflows get big returns from their efforts.

  • The combination of process and Marketing Automation yields a 417% increase in revenue from those surveyed.
  • Businesses who use Marketing Automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads
  • Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads

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See B2B Marketing Automation to see how we can help you achieve these results.

Doing More with What You Have

Marketing Automation focuses on lead generation by using targeted marketing programs based on digital intelligence. Save resources, time, & energy. Get faster results. Automate every step of your sales cycle while increasing efficiency & effectiveness, and enhancing communication.

  • Identify which Companies are Browsing your Site
  • Track their Interest using Digital Footprints
  • Turn Visitors into Prospects by Capturing their Information
  • Automatically Import the Info into your CRM

  • Data is Automatically Integrated into your CRM
  • Detailed Reporting & Charting is Clear & Easy to Read
  • Score your Leads
  • Identify your most Promising Prospects

  • Hand Tailored Communication with Prospects
  • Simplified Automated Email Marketing & Follow Up
  • Targeted Communication = Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Manage Campaigns based on Real Results in Real Time

  • Short Successful Sales Cycles
  • Efficient use of time & resources
  • Empowered & Effective Sales Team
  • More Business coming in the Door


Marketing Automation Tools

There is a rich landscape of tools available to help you implement Marketing Automation. They have different price ranges, abilities, and limitations. Picking the right tool depends on your existing technology platforms, organizational regulations, and campaign strategy. The Interactive Marketing team has experience identifying the technical & tactical needs of a campaign and choosing tools that meet those needs. Contact us for more information on any of these tools:


Get Help From Experts

The Interactive Marketing Team has extensive experience in integrating sales & marketing strategies with Marketing Automation tools. If you are looking to explore how to best implement Marketing Automation for your business, let us help you. Contact us for a free consultation and explore the opportunities available to your organization with Marketing Automation.

If you are serious about implementing a Marketing Automation Program for your business, please check out the Free Account we are offering with Loopfuse Marketing Automation Tool.


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