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The Power of Google Promoting Your Business

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 15 years you already know that Google is the most powerful and influential company in the new media market (yes, bold statement but true).  Regardless of what anyone says, they absolutely  dominate the Online Marketing arena  with both their Search Network (at 72% of all US Searches,  Yahoo!  Following 2nd with 14%) as well as their vast Ad Display and Partner Network that boasts well over 1,000,000 pages.

This provides the average B2B Company unprecedented access to business consumers in the US as well as across the globe.  Your business’ ads  can be published and made visible to the world instantly. They can be seen by thousands, targeting the geography and interest of your choice consumer, communicating your value message and building your brand visibility, all for free.

All this happens with out paying a cent.

This is what’s truly revolutionary about Google Adwords…  the advertiser does not pay until an interested consumer actually clicks on your ads.

Why then do I hear that Adwords is a Waste of Money?

Answer: Because it is super easy to loose money on Adwords.

You want Adwords to be like a laser guided tomahawk targeting the displays of the c-level executives making the business decisions you hope to be considered for. You want your ads to communicate effectively, and that only the best performing ads display. You want to capture all the valauble information you can about your visitors, so that you can learn how to better market to them. You want to generate sales opportunities for your organization and be able to associate revenue with marketing efforts.

You may want all of this, but wanting is not enough.

The sad truth is that Google Adwords is not tuned that way out of the box.  Out of the box it is more like a shotgun full of birdshot that is more likely to annoy your target consumer then to effectively brand your business and elicit the action you seek. Google does provide analytics but it is nowhere near as actionable as the Digital Footprinting technology accessible today in Marketing Automation tools.

There is no doubt that Adwords is an amazing tool, but just like a scalpel, it needs to be wielded by a steady and experienced hand.

The Interactive Marketing Team Can Help You:

The Interactive Marketing Team has 10 years experience in advance b2b search marketing. We are a Google Certified Partner company,  qualified in Google Analytic, as well as qualified in Google Adwords.





We have a specific focus on b2b business search strategy, industry analysis, competitive research, and keyword strategy. In addition we specialize in connecting search to the broader strategies of Demand Generation and Marketing Automation.


Results That Make a Difference:

The Interactive Marketing Team has true expertise in the Adwords arena. They have significantly lowered our cost per unique lead, improved Click-Through- Rates, and are currently one of the most successful agencies in our vendor network (Fortune 500 Health Insurance Company)

Get Help From Experts

The Interactive Marketing Team has extensive experience in integrating sales and marketing strategies with Google Adwords. If you are looking to explore how your business can best benefit contact us for a free consultation.


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