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(screen shot from 8/14/2012)

As you can see above, following the (IM) approach can generate multiple rankings in the top 10 results. Not only have we been able to do this for one keyword, but as you can see in the list below we can generated multiple rankings for multiple keywords.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for B2B companies is a powerful and effective way to reach prospective buyers that are searching for solutions to their business needs. There is no other form of marketing that compares to Search Engines in this way. Via Search, you have access to individuals that are actively looking to meet a need, right now!

Search Engines are the primary way that prospective buyers research solutions. If you want to be on their short list, you need to show up in the Search Results. Ranking for the keywords that represent your solutions communicates to your prospects that you are a leader in your industry. It does more than drive interested traffic to your site, it also builds your brand.

The key to success in SEO Marketing for B2B companies is in your keywords. No two people search the same way. Your job is to identify all the potential keywords someone may use to find your products or services, and optimize individual pages for each one of those keywords. This can be a massive undertaking, and it takes a dedicated team with specialized knowledge to succeed.

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The Interactive Marketing Team has 10 years experience in advance B2B Search and SEO Marketing. We are certified in Search Engine Optimization by Web CEO, and are a Google Certified Partner company. The Interactive Marketing Team is also qualified in Google Analytics and Google Adwords.



We have a specific focus on Business to Business Search strategy, industry analysis, competitive research, and keyword strategy. In addition, we specialize in connecting search to the broader strategies of Demand Generation and Marketing Automation.


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The Interactive Marketing Team has extensive experience in integrating Sales and Marketing Strategies with B2B SEO Strategy. If you are looking to explore how your business can best benefit, contact us for a free consultation.


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